Meet the Antrim Villa Team!

Joy - General Manager


My name is Joy and I am the General Manager at Antrim Villa.  I was born in Cape Town and have been working at Antrim Villa since the start.  Overall, I have been in the tourism industry for 14 years and I love working with people.  To me it is very interesting to meet different people every day from different countries, with different characters and cultures.  I am a qualified tourist guide and am truly captivated by the history of Cape Town and South Africa. It’s important to me that all our guests leave satisfied and happy having experienced what our beautiful country has to offer.


Maureen - Main Hostess


I am Maureen, one of the hostesses at Antrim Villa, and I come all the way from Zambia. I have been working here almost 4 years and I love my job, because I get to connect with a lot of people from all over the world and I get to know them and their culture. I like to learn from our guests and what they have to say about their part of the world. For me it is very important to make the guest feel comfortable and to be attentive to their needs. I like to be open with them and be observant of what they want and like for breakfast. Breakfast time is my favorite part of the day, because all guests are gathered around the table, chatting and getting to know each other.

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