The original high ceilings and wooden floors have a neutral palette and natural textures, and the outside walls are lined with tall bamboo which gives the guesthouse a feeling of seclusion and privacy not often found in the city. There is a personal, home-away-from-home feeling here.


Each room has an en-suite bathroom, tastefully decorated with Scandinavian simplicity in mind and added African touches. The rooms are spacious with an atmosphere inviting for relaxation.


Badrum 2074.jpg
Lounge 3. 2482.jpgStubbe 1. 2091.jpgInifrån ut 2119.jpgIngång plattor 2311.jpgKorridor 2088.jpgKuddar 1. 2134.jpgSnäckor 2450.jpgLounge 1. 2202.jpgIMG_9817.jpgSovrum 1 K5F2915.jpgSovrum 3.  2030.jpgVa¦èrt sovrum 3091.jpgIMG_9824.jpgFönster K5F2919.jpgTupp 5.  2458.jpgBad 7670.jpgBambutallrik rak 3108.jpgBestick 9582.jpgFrukost 9571.jpggg 9574.jpgVin 7733.jpg9377.jpgHylla 7703.jpg9406.jpgHylla vit 7725.jpgKaraff 7658.jpgMatsalsbord.jpgSpis 7695.jpgTräkärl 3051.jpgNoshörning 2131.jpgBadrum nere 3083.jpg_C8A6926 (1024x683).jpg